Friday, August 13, 2021

Some more stuff to keep you entertained when stumbling down the rabbit hole trying to make sense of all this nonsense.......... August 13, 2021


The Global Elite's Plan To Take YOUR PROPERTY!!'s.Plan.To.Take.YOUR.PROPERTY-Revealed:5




They’re COMING FOR YOUR KIDS Because It’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!'re-coming-for-your-kids:f



AND, now for some entertainment while you go hurtling down the rabbit hole.

 From the review at

 ...Just as George Orwell's 1984 is an alternate vision of the past, present and future, so "Brazil" is a variation of Orwell's novel. The movie happens in a time and place that seem vaguely like our own, but with different graphics, hardware and politics. Society is controlled by a monolithic organization, and citizens lead a life of paranoia and control. Thought police are likely to come crashing through the ceiling and start bashing dissenters. Life is mean and grim............


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