Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada's "foot-in-mouth" Prime Minister

Canada is now considered to be a nation of immigrants, most of whom are here hoping to never see nor be involved in wars.  If Trudeau thinks he's endearing himself to this new and growing immigrant community which is, without a doubt, the largest voting block for any and all political parties, by his continued involvement of Canada in American's illegal wars around the world, BOY-oh-BOY does he have a surprise coming next election!!!

Question for lying Trudeau: How can a Canadian sniper kill an enemy on the battleground and you still insist Canada is not involved in a combat role?
Big-time Idiot PM.   He is Harper II. 


Murray Brewster at CBC
Canadian sniper's shot 'entirely consistent' with non-combat role, Trudeau says

Liberals face renewed criticism over claim that special forces operations in Iraq are 'advise and assist'
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the record-breaking shot by a Canadian special forces sniper is something that should be "celebrated."

It is also well within the realm of the military's advise and assist role in Iraq, he said.

During a marathon news conference Tuesday marking the end of the parliamentary sitting, Trudeau rejected recent criticism by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, who said the incident draws into question the Liberal government's claim that Canada is involved in a "non-combat" mission against ISIS.

"What happened there is something to be celebrated for the excellence of the Canadian Forces, and their training and the performance of their duties," the prime minister said Tuesday......

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