Friday, May 5, 2017

Wikileaks reveals Archimedes as one of CIA's hacking mechanisms

Wonder how many other thousands of dirty tricks the CIA and others similar organizations have up their sleeves which we won't be privy to, at least for now.

From ZeroHedge
WikiLeaks Reveals "Archimedes": Malware Used To Hack Local Area Networks
In its seventh CIA leak since March 23rd, WikiLeaks has just revealed the user manual of a CIA hacking tool known as ‘Archimedes’ which is purportedly used to attack computers inside a Local Area Network (LAN).  The CIA tool works by redirecting a target's webpage search to a CIA server which serves up a webpage that looks exactly like the original page they were expecting to be served, but which contains malware. It’s only possible to detect the attack by examining the page source.  Per WikiLeaks:

    Today, May 5th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes "Archimedes", a tool used by the CIA to attack a computer inside a Local Area Network (LAN), usually used in offices. It allows the re-directing of traffic from the target computer inside the LAN through a computer infected with this malware and controlled by the CIA. This technique is used by the CIA to redirect the target's computers web browser to an exploitation server while appearing as a normal browsing session....
  ...The document illustrates a type of attack within a "protected environment" as the the tool is deployed into an existing local network abusing existing machines to bring targeted computers under control and allowing further exploitation and abuse.

....Archimedes is an update to a tool called ‘Fulcrum’ and it offers several improvements on the previous system, including providing a method of "gracefully shutting down the tool on demand.”........

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