Friday, May 12, 2017

Warlord Trump sends other fathers' sons and daughters to die in the deserts of Arabia ...

while his own brood is living it up and busy making millions of more $ss.

Tom O'Connor at Newsweek
Trump in Syria: Jordanians Deny U.S. Invasion As Troops Train at Border

Jordanian commentators, including the military's former deputy chief of staff, have dismissed media speculation of an impending ground invasion of Syria as U.S. and allied troops trained near the nations' mutual border.

About 7,400 soldiers from 20 nations began conducting Sunday annual U.S. and Jordan-led military exercises known as Exercise Eager Lion. This year's drills, reportedly the largest and most complex of their kind, prompted concerns from the governments of neighboring Syria and its ally, Iran, that Washington and its allies were attempting to stage a major intervention to undermine recent gains made by the Syrian military against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). Experts, however, such as retired General Mousa al-Odwan, former Jordanian Special Forces commander and former deputy chief of staff for Jordan's military, have said such a move was unlikely.

"We should not intervene in the Syrian conflict unless there is a clear and present terrorist threat to our national security," Odwan told Al Jazeera in an article published Thursday.....

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