Sunday, January 15, 2017

More on the legacy of Warlord Obama, the Nobel Prize Winner ...The Obama Legacy: “Dying Democracy”, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Wars, Terrorism, Refugee Crisis…

Below a few items from the long list at article.

Rev Richard Skaff
The Obama Legacy: “Dying Democracy”, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Wars, Terrorism, Refugee Crisis…

The following list will constitute some but not all of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments, and as a result, the reader will be the judge of his legacy.

1. U.S. interventions to influence elections in multiple foreign countries extending from Russia to Africa and from Asia to the Middle-East.3

2. Regime changes in several countries through American financed color revolutions and covert hybrid wars.4

3. Assassination of foreign leaders and American citizens.6

4. Increase of the national debt by trillions of dollars to finance low intensity wars, feed the beast of the Military Industrial Complex, and bail out Wall Street and the banks.

5. Failure of Obamacare that was written by the insurance companies and their lobbyists.

6. Creation of a new housing bubble.

7. Formation of a stock market bubble.7

8. Production of low wage jobs, while stagnating and lowering the existing American salaries, resulting in utter decline in the standards of living.8

9. Expansion of the government oligarchy, and the establishment of Czars ”R” US.2

10. Expansion of law enforcement agencies and the surveillance state under the guise of safety.

11. Fomenting fake news, then, signing on December 24th, 2016 the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act as part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which is an unconstitutional measure against First Amendment freedom.1

12. Aiding and facilitating the killing of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe through covert operations, regime change, and weapons sales.

13. Displacement of millions of people across the world after destabilizing their nations (e.g. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, etc).....

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