Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gotta wonder why the folks protesting now at US airports didn't protest when Obama was bombing the countries of these same refugees become so because of USA's destruction of their lands

The lack of protests from the Left throughout the last 8 yrs reign of warlord Obama when countless thousands have died and millions have become refugees, has shone a very, very bright light on the minuscule morality of the Left.  Even folks who don't like Trump can see through the hypocrisy of the Left and that makes the Left's voices now lose all the credibility they once possessed.  

 A bright light has also been shone on the liar and hypocrite Trump.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from whence comes all that's wrong with Islam .... suicide bombings, headchopping, women stoning, burkha wearing, etc.etc. ... that country is not on Trump's list.
Protests are (at this moment in time, Jan 29) going on at Detroit Metro Airport, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Boston airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and several other airports and in front of  government buildings all over the USA.

 Being an immigrant myself, I can walk in the shoes of the incoming immigrants and refugees and can feel their pain and confusion. If people had protested against Obama's wars on Muslim nations, we wouldn't have been seeing uprooted people making their way to the safety of the West.  

Below some of vids relating to this event. I liked what comedian Jimmy Dore had to say. 

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