Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Panama Papers OR Much Ado About the Minor League from the Top 1%

Where are the really nasty ones, the ones responsible for creating wars for profit?
Where are the names of Americans and Britishers profiteering from unnecessary wars? The puppet-masters dumping this stink on us, want us to believe that those foul people actually believe in paying their taxes?  Tell me another!
The ultimate Question should be: Why was this leak kept under wraps for over a year in spite of the files being shared by 400 journalists in countless countries? Are journalists that inefficient that it took 400 of them over a year to write one measly article which was then copied/pasted passed around to lazy functionaries at other MSM outlets.

Believe you me, this is yet another nail in the MSM's coffin. Good riddance.

What a load of crap the Soros scumbags have offloaded and keep offloading. Really and truly vomit-inducing.
Soros has created umpteen number of NGOs to escape taxes and at the same time use them to create trouble in every corner of the world. "Avaaz" is one of the nastiest of his entities, imagine a satanic entity operating in the guise of an angel. Very demonic indeed. The first time I saw something from "Avaaz" I could smell the stink coming at me straight off from the web page.  I am pretty good at smelling out EVIL, even if I do say so myself.
My expensive champagne bottle (kept on hold awaiting Soros' end) is screaming to be opened and I keep telling it "wait, wait, it's almost time."
Let it be soon, dear God.

Below are some of the opinions and views, all from the Alternative Media, on the Soros-USAid crap dumped on us..  It's not worth it to read anything from the MSM as whatever it says is usually totally RUBBISH.  In the case of this latest crap, the scumbags have plastered Putin's pic all over their front pages when, lo and behold, the papers don't even implicate him personally BUT have a few names of  his friends and that's it. Nothing else! The MSM, with this latest gimmick, has lost every shred of any credibility it probably had with some of the sheeple. Guardian was somewhat okay during the Snowden leak but has gone downhill pretty fast since then.

James Corbett below has done a great job in showing us how agenda-driven and ridiculous Guardian has become.

Moon of Alabama at GlobalResearch
Selective Leaks Of The #Panama Papers Create Huge Blackmail Potential. “Smear People the U.S. Dislikes”

A real leak of data from a law firm in Panama would be very interesting. Many rich people and/or politicians hide money in shell companies that such firms in Panama provide. But the current heavily promoted “leak” of such data to several NATO supporting news organization and a US government financed “Non Government Organization” is just a lame attempt to smear some people the U.S. empire dislikes. It also creates a huge blackmail opportunity by NOT publishing certain data in return for this or that desired favor....

Already some 16 month ago Ken Silverstein reported for Vice on a big shady shell company provider, Mossak Fonseca in Panama. (Pierre Omidyar’s Intercept, for which Silverstein was then working, refused to publish the piece.) Yves Smith published several big stories about the Mossak Fonseca money laundering business. Silverstein also repeated the well known fact that ....

And, then there's one of the MSM's voices, Australia's Channel4 (Four Corners)  all super excited about the Much Ado About Finding the Lowest Few of the 1%.

Wikileaks tweets

AND, of course, there are those of us who might give a thought or two that this could be something orchestrated by Russia. However, we shouldn't give it more than those two thoughts, especially now that the Brookings Institute wants us to lean that way.
Michael Krieger at LibertyBlitzkrieg
Was the Panama Papers “Leak” a Russian Intelligence Operation?

As I wrote on Monday, ever since I started reading about the Panama Papers “leak” something kept rubbing me the wrong way. From the absence of any well known, politically powerful Americans on the list, to the anonymous nature of “John Doe” as whistleblower and the clownish reporting from Soros and USAID affiliated organizations, the whole thing stunk from the start.

The first plausible theory I came across attempting to explain the strangeness of it all was proposed by Craig Murray, and it basically went something like this. The leaker is a real whistleblower, but he placed the information in the wrong hands, therefore the organizations and journalists reporting on the story were not giving us the whole truth. Here’s some of that theory from the post, Are Corporate Gatekeepers Protecting Western Elites from the Leaked Panama Papers?....

The one bright spot in all the crap shoved on us, is the nugget implicating the smug David Cameron who is now in piping hot water.
Will it bring his downfall?  I saw someone commenting somewhere that if shagging a pig hasn't done anything to Cameron, this likely won't bring him down.  I tend to agree, but we can still hope, can't we?

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