Thursday, February 4, 2016

USA can wage wars here, there, everywhere ... but can't fix a broken gas pipe spewing methane in California ?

Methane leak in California gets company into major trouble as criminal charges have been filed today.  The question is: How will that solve the problem which is still ongoing?  Hasn't it been 2 months+ since this accident?  So ... waging wars in Muslim nations and engineering coups all over the world is easier than fixing a broken gas pipe?  Sheesh!!
From CBC:
Southern California Gas Co.  needs to be held responsible, district attorney says
Los Angeles prosecutors filed misdemeanor criminal charges Tuesday against a utility for failing to immediately report a natural gas leak that has been gushing nonstop for nearly 15 weeks.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey said the charges aren't a solution to the problem, but Southern California Gas Co. needs to be held responsible for the leak that has uprooted more than 4,400 families.
The charges came the same day the state attorney general joined a long line of others in suing the gas company for the blowout that has spewed more than 1.8 million tonnes of climate-changing methane since October.

Lawmakers in Congress have urged the U.S. secretary of energy to investigate the leak, and federal regulators are crafting new safety standards for underground natural gas storage facilities.....

From CBC dated Dec 31
Methane leak in California a 'major catastrophe'
Leak 'largest ever recorded' could take 4 months to stop
About 42 kilometres from Los Angeles, above the houses nestled in the mountains of Porter Ranch, Calif., a plume of methane is shooting into the sky. The cloud is invisible but it stretches for kilometres, as though a forest fire has been continually burning for months. All of this is emanating from a tiny pipe about 20 centimetres wide, more than a kilometre underground.

"The amount of methane and natural gas that's coming out of the Aliso Canyon Facility really is probably one of the largest volumes of gas ever recorded from a single leak," says Tim O'Connor, an oil and gas ....

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