Sunday, February 14, 2016

USA ally Pakistan's hand in the rise of jihadi squads

Did you think the thousands of madrasas operating in Pakistan, all thanks to the beneficence of  Saudi Arabia, teaching the most dangerous and the most primitive form of islam, would remain inside Pakistan and not migrate and flourish around the world in the form it was intended to?

The intention of all that brainwashing was to fester the world with thousands, if not tens of thousands of  jihadis.  Look at what the UK Muslims of Pakistani origin are doing to the young white girls in Britain.  Look at the percentage  of rape cases committed in that country by Pakistanis. Wahhabism teaches that women are to be looked on as nothing but slaves and should not be allowed outside the house without a male relative.  A woman seen outside in the streets, on her own, is seen as a prostitute and can be handled as a sex object. And, that's exactly what the refugees in EU have been doing. 

Take it for granted that most of the sexual assaults happening in the EU these days, will on further investigation into the identities of the Muslims involved, be revealed to be primarily men from Pakistan and Afghanistan and maybe even from Bangladesh.

The journalist in the article below has done a very good job of investigative reporting which brings to light that Pakistani men are also deeply embedded in war-torn Syria.

Carlotta Gall at NYTimes
Pakistan’s Hand in the Rise of International Jihad 
PRESIDENT ASHRAF GHANI of Afghanistan has warned in several recent interviews that unless peace talks with Pakistan and the Taliban produce results in the next few months, his country may not survive 2016. Afghanistan is barely standing, he says, after the Taliban onslaught last year, which led to the highest casualties among civilians and security forces since 2001.

“How much worse will it get?” Mr. Ghani asked in a recent television interview. “It depends on how much regional cooperation we can secure, and how much international mediation and pressure can be exerted to create rules of the game between states.”....

....Further along the border in Paktika Province, Taliban fighters occupied abandoned C.I.A. bases and outposts. A legislator from the region warned me that they would use the positions to project attacks deeper into Afghanistan and even up to Kabul. Some of the most devastating suicide bomb attacks occurred in that province in the months that followed.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the Haqqani network, the most potent branch of the Taliban, moved from North Waziristan into the adjacent district of Kurram. From there it continues to enjoy safe haven and conduct its insurgency against American, international and Afghan targets....

....Perhaps most troubling, there are reports that Pakistan had a role in the rise of the Islamic State.

Ahead of Pakistan’s 2014 operation in North Waziristan, scores, even hundreds, of foreign fighters left the tribal areas to fight against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Tribesmen and Taliban members from the area say fighters traveled to Quetta, and then flew to Qatar. There they received new passports and passage to Turkey, from where they could cross into Syria. Others traveled overland along well-worn smuggling routes from Pakistan through Iran and Iraq.

The fighters arrived just in time to boost the sweeping offensive by ISIS into Iraq and the creation of the Islamic State in the summer of 2014.....
.... If these accounts are correct, Pakistan was cooperating with Qatar, and perhaps others, to move international Sunni jihadists (including 300 Pakistanis) from Pakistan’s tribal areas, where they were no longer needed, to new battlefields in Syria. It is just another reminder of Pakistan’s central involvement in creating and managing violent jihadist groups, one Pakistani politician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity when talking about intelligence affairs, told me....

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