Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Ashley Madison fallout

I find the Ashley Madison story so very entertaining.  Look, if you are not happy with your spouse or partner ... why not get a divorce? And, don't give the excuse of "divorce is not an option"  .... that's pure bullshit and you know it.  Furthermore,  I would urge the hackers going by the name "The Impact Team"  to kindly start looking at the slimy providers of  the late night phone sex businesses.  Bet there's a lot of  dirty laundry stinking to high heavens with those slimeballs too.

The latest news is that the hackers have leaked two names and addresses from the purported 37M users of the cheating site.  One is from Mississauga and the other is from Massachusetts.  Maybe they are starting with the long named places under "M"  .... hahahahha ... yup, I am loving this.

From NewsTalk
Two supposed Ashley Madison profiles leaked,   one listed as Mississauga man
In total, 37-million profiles were hacked on the website for infidelity

And, guess which cities have the most cheaters.  And, guess what those cities have in common with others.   LOL !!!
Answer:  Politicians, of course
Slime meets slime .... so fitting!!

From CanadaNews:
Ottawa not the only capital of cheating   on Ashley Madison: ‘It seems to be a bit of a global phenomenon’

Hackers have threatened to release the information of 37 million cheating spouses on the website Ashley Madison and it turns out a lot of them are living in capital cities.

The Canadian-based “married dating” website was attacked by hackers who want the portal to infidelity shut down for good. None of the information has yet been released, and the website’s parent’s company — which also owns — was planning to go public later this year. Though the site has apologized for the breach, business reports suggest it can “kiss its IPO goodbye.”

But the fallout may rock more than just the company boardroom: According to the website’s data, political capitals around the world boast an abundance of users...............

.....“It seems to be a bit of a global phenomenon,” Ashley Madison founder and CEO Noel Biderman said in an interview in February. The website, whose tagline is “Life is Short, Have an Affair,” claims the following international capitals are also the top spot for extramarital online activities:

    United States (Washington)
    Greece (Athens)
    Japan (Tokyo)
    Chile (Santiago)
    Germany (Berlin)
    Sweden (Stockholm)
    Finland (Helsinki)
    Norway (Oslo)
    Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    Mexico (Mexico City)
    Italy (Rome)
    Spain (Madrid)
    France (Paris)

.......According to Ashley Madison’s February data, the 10 hottest spots for extra-marital relations in Canada are:


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