Monday, July 27, 2015

Parts of Speech given by Syrian President al-Assad

And, this is the secular man, the collective Anglo powers and their partners-in-crime, the Sunni dictatorships of the Middle East, Turkey and the country that can do no wrong, sweet, lovable Israel, wants to see gone and replaced by Muslim fanatics.

This is the man whose country has been ravaged and broken into several pieces and whose citizens sent hither and thither around the world begging for shelter and refuge from the very countries that have brought misery upon them.  This is the leader of Syria, a country torn apart by those we the citizens of the West have voted to power.  Why have they deemed it necessary to wage a proxy war on a secular leader of a secular nation? We can only guess at the answer, although to do so we have to make ourselves go to the very depths of insanity, calumny and  unspeakable hatred, but putting ourselves into those shoes for even a few short minutes can be very depressing.

Below the first few paragraphs from the English translation ... highlighted areas are my doing:
Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad said  that any political idea for resolving the crisis in Syria that isn’t based on eliminating terrorism is a meaningless idea that has no chance of seeing the light; therefore the priority is eliminating terrorism wherever it is found in Syria.

In a speech delivered before heads and members of public organizations, vocational syndicates, and chambers of industry, trade, agriculture and tourism, President al-Assad said that this meeting takes at a time when many matters have become clear and many masks have fallen, exposing lies some sides had wanted the world to believe, and also made refuting the excuses made by those who attacked Syria a a waste of time and effort because this talk is self-evident.

“Because of this, our questions today as Syrians are no longer about those self-evident facts, but rather about the possibilities facing Syria in light of the rapid accelerating of events and the transitioning of the methodical process of destruction carried out by terrorist organizations to unprecedented levels,” he said.

President al-Assad went on saying that this shows the criminal minds of the officials in the states that support terrorism, as well as showing that their previous methods to deceive the Syrian people have failed, and so they increased the scale of savagery of terrorism as their final method to give the Syrians two choices: submit to dictations or be killed.

The President noted that this escalation shows desperation due to the steadfastness of the Syrian people who have withstood a war unseen in modern history, and this steadfastness foiled the plans of Syria’s enemies and threatened the political future of many of those who supported terrorism, particularly after the aftershocks of terrorism have begun to affect innocent people in the countries of those who support terrorism, and therefore can no longer use false pretenses to deceive public opinion.
“For a long time, they said that they support rebels and those who demand freedom and democracy in Syria, but their people have discovered that they are supporting terrorists and that the people are paying the price for their governments’ support for terrorists in Syria,” he said, noting that in the past, the Middle East was supposed to be the one exporting terrorism to the rest of the world, but now there are incubators for terrorism in the west in addition to the ones in the Middle East, particularly in the Arab Gulf, and most recently in Tunisia and Libya.

President al-Assad said that Syria had explained before that terrorism knows no borders and can’t be stops by procedures, denouncements, or announcements, adding “we warned them that the spread of terrorism isn’t stopped by wars or ended by planes. Terrorism is a sick mentality, a twisted creed, and an aberrant practice that emerged and expanded in environments rife with ignorance, backwards thinking, and the stealing of people’s rights and demeaning them,”

The President noted that colonialism was the one that set up those negative elements and nurtured them, adding “how could those who spread the seeds of terrorism combat it?” Those who want to combat terrorism should do it through rational policies based on justice and the respect of peoples’ will and right to determine their future, manage their affairs, and restoring their rights on the basis of spreading knowledge, combating ignorance, improving economy, and raising awareness in the society as well as developing it.”

He said that war should be the last resort, and even when it’s inevitable it should never replace policies and procedures for isolating the elements that produce and nurture terrorism in order to uproot it completely rather than “clip its nails” as they doing now, adding “their short-sightedness made them believe that they will be immune to the fallout of terrorism that is spreading from one place to another in our tumultuous Arab world, whose flames have burned entire countries in an already unstable Middle East. It did not occur to them that it will strike at the heart of the European continent.”

President al-Assad went on to say “This does not mean that have learned their lesson; as they still deal with this phenomenon in a hypocritical manner; they call it terrorism when it hits them, and call it revolution, freedom, democracy, and human rights when it hits us. There, its perpetrators are terrorists, and here, they are rebels and moderate opposition. They scream at the top of their voices whenever they are touched by a spark of fire while they fall deathly silent when we are burned by it.”

The President pointed out that that the latest changes on the international arena are genuine, as a new understanding of the situation in Syria has set in, and there is a better understanding of the lies and false allegations related to the situation, adding that positive changes in the West are unstable and not sustainable given that they stem from concerns over the spread of terrorism that has reached their doorstep, and the likelihood that the Middle East, which is Europe’s backyard, might turn into a hotbed of terrorism............

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