Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quotable quotes from the wonderful world of free speechers ... part 26

 Professor George Bush, (1796-1859)  American biblical scholar and philosopher ... and a distant relative of prez Bush, the nincompoop who thinks Islam is a "religion of peace".   Hard to believe that there was a relative in the distant past of a politically correct idiot who destroyed Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia and because of  that humongous  error,  our world is now at  the brink of WWIII.

In 1830, Prof. Bush published  one of the very first, if not the first in America, books on Islam.  The title of the book was "Life of Mohammed"

"In a large portion of his (Mohammed) life we must regard him as in the strictest and strongest sense of the word an Impostor.  In whatever degree he might have confounded his dreams with realities or the workings of his waking imagination with the visits of an angel he must have known that a great part of what he gave out as truth was false.  Can anything be more base .... more contemptible in a teacher of religion more intolerable in a man endued with power more terrible than this?"

"Believing or affecting to believe that he was commissioned from above to propagate his religion by the sword he not only spread around him the desolation that marks the footprints of the conqueror but he gratified his private resentments and murdered his prisoners in cold blood.  He was cruel on principle he did deliberately what other men do from impulse.  For these terrible acts of fierce brutality he made not the excuses of human passion nor the usual plea of tyrants ...the necessity of his situation... but the blasphemous attempt to bring forward the sanction of Heaven."

"Hatred of Christians and Jews is rooted in their hearts from childhood.”

"To present such a compound of iniquities in connexion with the pretence of a religion from heaven is to sicken the heart it suggests a close resemblance between Mohammedanism and all other false religions since all of them give indulgence to those lusts which it belongs to the nature of true religion to restrain."

"It is disgusting to hear men talk of Mohammed's poverty of his temperance in eating of his abstinence from wine of his humility in sweeping the house and in mending his shoes as if these were inconsistent with ambition or as if they lessened its enormity."

"The object of reverence is the Kaaba or square temple In the southeast corner of this temple is the black stone between three and four feet from the ground It is pretended that it is one of the precious stones of paradise given by Gabriel to Ishmael for the repair of the temple and that it was originally white but has been turned black by the sins of the people."

".... his burial place was beneath the chamber where he died A story which the Latin writers seem to have borrowed from Pliny's description of a temple at Alexandria describes his coffin of iron suspended in the midst of loadstones at Mecca There is no foundation for such a notion."

"The ambition which tramples on the right of men to think or to live is the greatest of human crimes."

"That address to the carnal appetites which permitted so liberal an indulgence in the present life and promised them complete and eternal gratification in another was one of the most alluring snares which he so successfully spread to captivate his countrymen."

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