Monday, May 15, 2023

Leader of the People's Party of Canada (PPC) Maxime Bernier will be running in the by-election in Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba

The focus is now on Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba. Set aside the impression we have about how people do a 360 turn once they get the votes to climb to those high places. I might be proven wrong later on (as has happened several times with folks I thought were great), but right now, I think he is a sincere person and we desperately need his voice in Parliament. Look what happened with Bill C-11. Not a single MP vetoed it... not one. Maxime Bernier is anti-war and that puts him in my good books. Also, he knows the harms the transgender ideology is causing and the long term effects of that if it is allowed to mushroom. His thinking on China, that China is our enemy needs a fresh look and further reading and better understandng, we don't need enemies and China is not our enemy and neither is Russia. The enemies are already deeply entrenched within our government and the bureaucracies. All in all, I hope he will win and his win will strengthen the PPC in the next Federal Election as more citizens get to know him and the PPC once he's in Parliament. Ifyou happen to read this, please pass the word around to friends in Manitoba.

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