Friday, March 10, 2023

China takes on the peacemaker mantle discarded by Canada and other news


China has taken over the mandate Canada used to be known for. Now Canada is a warmonger and China is the peacemaker!


Iran, Saudi Arabia Will Normalize Ties Under Agreement Brokered by China

Tehran and Riyadh committed to reopening embassies after nearly a decade-long break in ties between the Mid East powers.

Iranian and Saudi state media announced a new agreement that Tehran and Riyadh normalize relations under an agreement brokered by China. The deal between the Middle East rivals comes after American interference in talks.

"After several days of intensive negotiations between [Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali] Shamkhani and Saudi Arabia’s national security adviser Musaid Al Aiban in Beijing, an agreement was reached on Friday aimed at resuming relations between the two countries," Iranian state media, IRNA, wrote......




British Minister Faces New Charges Under Counter-Terrorism Laws for Criticizing a Trans Woman

By Jonathan Turley

Today, a trial will begin for a French politician who was charged for criticizing immigration as a public danger. In the meantime, a Christian street preacher was reportedly facing criminal charges in the United Kingdom for declaring that a trans woman was really a “gentleman” and a “man in woman’s clothing.” The counter-terrorism unit arrested David McConnell, a Christian preacher who was already convicted last year for “harassment” in the incident last year...........
..................... The expansion of such prosecutions to thought crimes is a natural extension of the anti-free speech movement that took hold of much of Europe decades ago. The decline of free speech in the United Kingdom has long been a concern for free speech advocates. A man was convicted for sending a tweet while drunk referring to dead soldiers. Another was arrested for an anti-police t-shirt. Another was arrested for calling the Irish boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend a “leprechaun.” Yet another was arrested for singing “Kung Fu Fighting.” A teenager was arrested for protesting outside of a Scientology center with a sign calling the religion a “cult.”....................



Let’s Compare China’s “Agents” in Canada to Israel’s

What would happen if the media and intelligence agencies applied the same standard used regarding China to the Israel lobby?

In the Globe and Mail Andrew Coyne has written two columns in recent days arguing that the discussion over Chinese interference should focus on “domestic accomplices.” “What we need a public inquiry to look into is domestic complicity in foreign interference,” noted the regular CBC commentator.

In a similar vein Justin Trudeau responded to criticism regarding purported Chinese interference by noting, “We know that Chinese Canadian parliamentarians, and Chinese Canadians in general, are greater targets for interference by China than others.” The prime minister added, “We know the same goes for Iranian Canadians, who are more subject to interference from the Iranian government. Russian speakers in Canada are more vulnerable to Russian misinformation and disinformation.”

Why ignore how Israel and its Canadian lobby use Jewish MPs and Jewish organizations as their agents?........





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