Thursday, August 18, 2022

Interesting videos watched the last few days.... August 18. 2022

Professor Norman Fenton questions vaccine data analysis

 Norman Fenton is a highly qualified Professor in Mathematics with extensive experience in critical decision making and in particular, on quantifying uncertainty using causal, probabilistic models that combine data and knowledge. His areas of work cover health, law and forensics, security, reliability and transport safety.



 This week on the New World Next Week: the chemical imbalance theory of depression is a bunch of cockamamie nonsense; a fake study led to billions of dollars in wasted Alzheimer's research; and the solution to the global food crisis is not so simple.



 Amazing Polly has plenty of info in this vid.

Why is "sudden death" happening to so many doctors in Canada? Why was Putin so concerned about Ukraine bio labs and the collection of DNA samples of ethnic Russians in Ukraine? Why are certain people susceptible to the bio weaponized covid disease and some are not?




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