Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How a Satan worshipping member of the Masonic cult turned to Christianity's Jesus Christ

 I am willing to bet this whistleblower will totally lose it in the next few years or else he will meet with one of those convenient accidents that befall most whistleblowers. Before you start watching the video and see the list of celebrities and bigwigs giving the cult's signs in so many telling ways .... remember that pics can be manipulated and oft times it's the photographs or producers and even make-up artists at these shoots who might request the subjects to make those gestures as seen in the long exposure. Also, it's important to read the article below so you get an idea of who Altiyan Childs (the whistleblower) used to be in the days and after he won the X Factor singing competition in Australia in 2010. Always view and read everything, ESPECIALLY DURING THESE STRANGE TIMES, with the utmost number of doubts and a big helping of MAYBE true and PROBABLY false. For a long time, many of us have known that the music industry and Hollywood are both full of evil and depraved people. Has anyone read the words of Ariana Grande's songs, especially the one sitting at, I believe... #2 or #3. What about the other young witch who performed that degrading twerking stuff and a horde of other young witches bewitching the young generation down into the abyss of pure evil from which they will never be able to climb out into sanity? What I can't stand more than seeing these young witches and warlocks in action, is the fact that parents, who you would think would know better, take their kids to not only watch these sinful shows but also to the pride parades. With so much evil around us, is it any wonder that so many have taken the Covid cult to heart? These folks have been trained and conditioned to believe anything... absolutely anything coming out of the mouths of celebrities, politicians and TV talking heads. Why do you think they use Hollywood degenerates to give you those "take the vaccines" ads ?? And, just in case the video at youtube is taken down, (right now I have counted more more than 5 youtuber accounts posting it) if that happens, I have given more links at Bitchute at the bottom of this post. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Altiyan Childs opens up about being left penniless after winning The X Factor and how religion has helped him cope The winner of the second instalment of the X Factor didn't hold back when asked about his experience on the show - and his cave moment. February 23, 2019 Luke Dennehy Former winner of The X Factor Altiyan Childs has come out swinging at what he says are the draconian contracts contestants on shows like The X Factor and The Voice are forced to sign. Childs, 43, has also revealed he has found God as he continues to get over what he says was a bruising time after winning The X Factor back in 2010....................... /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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