Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Geopolitical Quiz

I have been reading up on how China's best brainchild, the Belt and Road Initiative,  will change the face of trade and transport and how the numerous places the rails and ports of the parts of the world the initiative will travel, will do for employment and uplift of those once humdrum spaces.  It's going to be a great new world.  Above all else, it will be refreshing to have a new empire, China, so different from the war-loving old empire.   It will also be a level field for trade between equals and not one country, the bully dying empire USA, calling all the shots.  Kudos to China and the countries joining it in the BRI.

Mike Whitney at UNZ Review
  China and Russia: Whoopin' Uncle Sam at his own game

 Your Geopolitical Quiz for the Day:
Two countries are embroiled in a ferocious rivalry. One country’s meteoric growth has put it on a path to become the world’s biggest economic superpower while the other country appears to be slipping into irreversible decline. Which country will lead the world into the future?

Country A builds factories and plants, it employees zillions of people who manufacture things, it launches massive infrastructure programs, paves millions of miles of highways and roads, opens new sea lanes, vastly expands its high-speed rail network, and pumps profits back into productive operations that turbo-charge its economy and bolster its stature among the nations of the world.

Country B has the finest military in the world, it has more than 800 bases scattered across the planet, and spends more on weapons systems and war-making than all the other nations combined. Country B has gutted its industrial core, hollowed out its factory base, allowed its vital infrastructure to crumble, outsourced millions of jobs, off-shored thousands of businesses, plunged the center of the country into permanent recession, delivered control of its economy to the Central Bank, and recycled 96 percent of its corporate and financial profits into a stock buyback scam that sucks critical capital out of the economy and into the pockets of corrupt Wall Street plutocrats whose voracious greed is pushing the world towards another catastrophic meltdown.

Which of these two countries is going to lead the world into the future? Which of these two countries offers a path to security and prosperity that doesn’t involve black sites, extraordinary rendition, extrajudicial assassinations, color-coded revolutions, waterboarding, strategic disinformation, false-flag provocations, regime change and perennial war?.....

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