Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau - in hot water

Do a JigAccording to those loyal to the PM, the Liberal government has made very definite inroads into uplifting those below the poverty line.  Kudos for doing that, if actually true.  To my eyes, besides the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the Justin Trudeau/Chrystia Freeland team has not only created havoc in Canada (SNC-Lavalin scandal and the Huawei fiasco) but the warmongering duo almost started a civil war in Venezuela.  For that alone, I am rubbing my hands in glee and doing a jig and looking forward to seeing the end of their rule.

Strange as it might seem, and it definitely is super-strange for moi - but I simply cannot understand how Canadians can be all het up over the bribing case (not that it's not something to be het up over) but don't care much  if  civil war breaks out in Venezuela and that nation becomes another Syria or Libya. The MSM in Canada are faithfully in line with whatever the government wants.  If the ruling power wants a coup in a certain country, our MSM wants one like yesterday.  If the elite in government wants a civil war in a certain country, our MSM wants it too and damn the deaths and destruction. 

Soo, okay ...Trudeau is going down.  But what's coming after him is nothing to be happy about. The Conservatives leader reminds me of Pence and all he has been doing since the Justice Minister/Attorney General's resignation and especially after her testimony, is demand that Trudeau resign.  Yeah...that's the way the Cons roll.  No in-depth dialogue or insight ...just ideology and going with the tide.  And going to wars, coups, creating civil wars ... those are favorite hobbies of the Conservatives.

From iPolitics
"There are more questions still to answer" Trudeau  says as Philpott quits
Hours after his second cabinet minister quit in as many months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the latest bomb to rock his government at a climate change rally in downtown Toronto.
Treasury Board President Jane Philpott resigned Monday afternoon, saying she has lost confidence in Trudeau over the SNC-Lavalin affair. It was a stunning decision from one of the prime minister’s most senior cabinet ministers and plunged Trudeau’s government further into crisis.....

Rex Murphy: Drop the poses Trudeau. You owe this country a real explanation 
Don’t talk fatuously of the 'bigger picture.' There is no bigger picture than whether you are morally entitled to govern Fortuna, the wayward goddess, has abandoned her dalliance with Justin Trudeau. What he wins from here on, if he wins at all, will be on his own work, not her flippant favour.

The socks and the selfies are inert now, those props are dated, all their quaint magic gone. Even the rolled-up sleeves and the loosely knotted tie (his let’s-all-get-to-work look) come over now as a parody of the posing politician, the silk-vest patrician at the steel plant vainly affecting to identify with the sweating hard hats on the shop floor.
None of it is working anymore. The familiar gestures are all too self-conscious, the slogans dated and flaccid, the whole play-acting schtick is dead and worse — boring. And the speeches! Monday night’s in Toronto (to launch the election-year global-warming roadshow during a -19C cold alert ) verged on the manic; parts of the opening in particular were something you might have heard in the ancient Sunday morning revivalists’ broadcasts back in the Dark Ages of early television, Jimmy Swaggart or Garner Ted Armstrong raging against the darkness. It was eerie.......... 


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