Sunday, January 6, 2019

Skunk gas used on Palestinian protestors ... how soon before same is used on protestors in USA, France, UK, elsewhere??????

The vid below, posted by several different users, has seen removal from many You Tube and Twitter accounts.  I won't be surprised if it disappears again and again endlessly.  However, truth has a habit of rising to the surface.

From RT News
Facebook censors & restores video calling Palestine 'Israel's weapons-testing lab'

A video accusing Israel of using Palestinians to test weapons and methods of repression that it later exports around the world was removed from Facebook for several hours, and was only restored after complaints.
“Palestine is Israel’s personal laboratory for testing, refining and showcasing methods and weapons of domination and control,” says journalist Rania Khalek in a video recorded for In The NOW web show, which was published on Friday.
After it was posted on Facebook, however, the video was “erased without explanation.”

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