Monday, July 16, 2018

The Two-State solution was never intended to be ...

and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can start to imagine and visualize what the nation of Israel with Jews, Muslim Palestinians, Christian Palestinians, Druze and what-have-you will look like in a couple of decades because there's no getting away from the fact that these people who are at each other's throats at this present time, will ultimately have to live together as one people.  There's just no other way.

Jonathan Cook at ConsortiumNews
Israel Bulldozes Khan Al Ahmar and Buries the Two-State Solution
Israel finally built an access road to the West Bank village of Khan Al Ahmar last week, after half a century of delays. But Israel only allows vehicles like the bulldozers scheduled to sweep away its 200 inhabitants’ homes.

If one community has come to symbolize the demise of the two-state solution, it is Khan Al Ahmar.

It was for that reason that a posse of European diplomats left their air-conditioned offices late last week to trudge through the hot, dusty hills outside Jerusalem and witness the preparations for the village’s destruction. That included the Israeli police beating residents and supporters as they tried to block the advance of heavy machinery.

Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain submitted a formal protest. Their denunciations echoed those of more than 70 Democratic lawmakers in Washington in May – a rare example of US politicians showing solidarity with Palestinians.

It would be gratifying to believe that Western governments care about the inhabitants of Khan Al Ahmar – or the thousands of other Palestinians who are being incrementally cleansed by Israel from nearby lands but whose plight has drawn far less attention.

After all, the razing of Khan Al Ahmar and the forcible transfer of its population are war crimes.

But in truth, Western politicians are more concerned about propping up the illusion of a peace process that expired many years ago, than the long-running abuse of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.......

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