Friday, June 29, 2018

Cuba is undoubtedly the Canadian favorite for a vacation

Cuba these days is beginning to sound like a mini Canada.  Everywhere you turn you are likely going to hear Canadian chatter.   In a way, although it's not fair to the Cubans, I am glad that those silly policies of the USA are keeping Americans away from Cuba.  Their loss is our gain.  Viva la Cuba !!

Below a few pics from my recent visit.

Many of the vintage cars have been converted into private taxis available for day trips. If you stand outside a hotel lobby or anywhere downtown in Havana, you will be able to spy several of these beauties.

This white crab met its dead at the same paws that got the anole lizard. The cat could chew on the feet but couldn't crack the carapace.
Fruit unidentified. Was as large as grapefruit.

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