Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bemoaning massacres at home but beatifying military personnel who carry out same on innocents overseas ...

where so many illegal wars are in full force for over a decade and half with no end in sight.

Prof James Petras at GlobalResearch
United States: The Political Economy of Massacres
Every year over 30,000 Americans are killed by gunfire.  Every month, in public schoolyards, dance clubs, concert venues, work places and public gatherings, innocent people are slaughtered by assassins wielding legally purchased high powered semi-automatic weapons.  The National Rifle Association (NRA), a 3 million-member organization, supports and sponsors free and easy access to military-level weaponry.  The vast majority of US legislators, Presidents and judges support the possession of the very weapons responsible for massacres.

The question is why does the US political system bemoan the frequent occurrence of mass shootings, and yet turn around and endorse the political process that makes these killings possible?  The size, scope and duration of massacres requires that we examine the large-scale, long-term systemic features of the US political economy.

The Politics of Wars: Massacres Abroad as ‘All American’ Heroism

The US government has engaged in multiple bloody wars where it has massacred millions of civilians – including whole families in their homes – representing no conceivable threat to the American people.  The wars feature the success of destruction and death as a means to advance US political programs.  War criminals are honored.  Domestic political conflicts and social problems are resolved by destroying invented adversaries and entire nations.......

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