Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tulsi Gabbard: “Peace with North Korea requires immediate and direct talks without preconditions

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N.Korea faces unrealistic preconditions,
US regime change policy made it seek nukes – Tulsi Gabbard

Washington's policy of worldwide violent regime change has spurred Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has said, adding that Pyongyang is being saddled with “unrealistic preconditions” from the West.

Gabbard pointed out on Twitter that the US already found itself “seconds away” from a nuclear attack during the Cold War in 1962. She said “peace with North Korea requires immediate and direct talks without preconditions.”

The Hawaii Rep., who is an Iraq War veteran, blamed American behavior on the international arena for creating the very preconditions for the current crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

“Regime change war policy is the reason why North Korea sees nuclear weapons as their only deterrent from a US-led attack. Kim Jong-un sees what the US has done to Gaddafi in Libya, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the effort underway to decertify the nuclear deal with Iran.”

She said the removal of Gaddafi and Hussein from power was “a mistake” and called on the White House to “end our policy of regime change, and implement a policy of de-escalation and peace.”

“Our leaders have set unrealistic preconditions to negotiate with North Korea for decades. If we set a precondition that Kim Jong-un must get rid of his nuclear weapons, there would be nothing to negotiate. We need to invite North Korea to the table and talk about peace,” Gabbard wrote.....

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