Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"Whiteness" and the Jews

Racism in Judaism. 

Yoav Litvin at Telesur
The Contemporary Jewish Dilemma: Adopt or Reject Zionism and White Supremacy

With the rise of neo-fascism worldwide, Jews must make this choice.

"Whiteness" is a relatively novel concept, which continues to evolve. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it served to stratify Europe and its colonies into classes of privileged white people with full rights and ‘others’ to be disenfranchised, used as manual labor, or eliminated.

Societies that champion "whiteness" as the focal point of their identity scapegoat ‘out’ groups in order to mask systematic policies of privilege and prejudice.

Incitement against "out" groups serves to redirect public outrage that would otherwise be focused on the system and its ruling class. A study of 19th century Imperial Russia and its involvement in the brutal mass lynchings (aka “pogroms”) against its Jewish population is instructive in this manner.

As a historically consistent target of "whiteness," Jews have and will always be excluded from or remain in the periphery of white nationalist circles; but not for lack of trying. Many have attempted to assimilate into groups that champion the so-called superiority of "western values" for more than a century – only to be used, abused and/or rejected.


The next best option to inclusion and integration is cooperation based on shared values.

Jewish Zionism was established on notions of western supremacy, imperialism, global apartheid and anti-Semitism, which have all been part and parcel of white supremacist societies. Realization of Zionism’s objective of a Jewish state, hailed by Theodore Herzl and other Zionist leaders as the solution to anti-Semitism, has been highly dependent on the persecution of Jews........

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