Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tale of Two Men ... one's for Neverending Wars on Planet Earth, the other's for Economic Progress for all

One's a warmongering American of the dying empire, the other is a peace-loving Chinese of the New Empire. 

Finian Cunningham at InformationClearingHouse
Enter the Dragon, Exit the Turkey (Formerly American Eagle)

Two very different faces of world leadership were on display this week. In Beijing, President Xi Jinping delivered a bold, outward-looking vision of Chinese global leadership. Meanwhile, in Washington President Donald Trump was embroiled in yet more egotistical infighting and tawdry claims of media lies.

Addressing the 19th congress of China’s Communist Party, 64-year-old Xi was reelected for a second five-year term. He is being talked about as the greatest Chinese leader since Mao Zedong who led the country’s founding revolution in 1949. With dignified composure, Xi spoke to the Great Hall of the People about “a new era of modern socialism… open to the world.”

The Washington DC-based Council on Foreign Relations headlined: “Xi Asserts China’s Global Leadership Role”.

The BBC reported Xi as telling the more than 2,000 delegates: “China has entered a new era in which it should take centre-stage in the world.”

Reuters reported: “In what was probably an indirect reference to US President Donald Trump’s America First policy, Xi promised that China would be fully engaged with the world, and reiterated pledges to tackle climate change. Trump this year opted to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate pact.”

“No country can alone address the many challenges facing mankind; no country can afford to retreat into self-isolation,” Xi told delegates during a three-and-half-hour address........

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