Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nuclear Armageddon at hand .... courtesy Donald Trump

I wonder how deeply disappointed the anti-war folks must be who voted for this charlatan believing his lies of  anti-war.  I think the first inkling  anyone got as to the kind of liar Trump was, concerning the military and wars, was when he kept appointing and nominating warlord after warlord in his entourage.
We know the Empire is going down, but is there any hope it will be down and out without starting a nuclear war?  I don't think so.

Scott Ritter at TheAmericanConservative
Trump Quietly Promises Billions in New Nuke Contracts
This could trigger a new arms race with Russia and China.
Americans of a certain age remember things about their youth—Bert the Turtle and the ditty “Duck and Cover” (1951), Pat Frank’s apocalyptic novel Alas, Babylon (1959), and Sidney Lumet’s film Fail Safe, from Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler’s novel of the same name (1964 and 1962, respectively). “There was a Turtle by the name of Bert, and Bert the Turtle was very alert”; that song was whistled by kids like myself, ironically often at the same time we whistled the catchy tune from Peter and the Wolf, Sergei Prokofiev’s classic children’s story adapted by Walt Disney and very popular at the time.

My father, a career Air Force officer who spent the first part of his career with the fighter-interceptor squadrons of North American Air Defense Command, had borrowed Frank’s biblical reference in crafting his own nuclear war warning for my mother. It took me awhile to figure out what they were talking about, and when I finally did, it was terrifying. The delta-winged fighters that futilely chase down the errant nuclear-armed bombers in Fail Safe were identical to the F-106 Delta Darts my father’s squadrons flew to shield America from similarly armed Soviet bombers that probed our borders on a daily basis, and I was able to figure this out quickly the first time I saw the movie.

Nuclear Armageddon was a pervasive reality during the Cold War, and America had an arsenal and doctrine to make it a reality. Again, flashbacks from my childhood make it all-too real: F-100 fighter-bombers .......

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