Friday, August 4, 2017

South Koreans don't want the USA and its WMDs on their soil ....

but unfortunately, their bribed and corrupt elite in the government are life-long slaves of the American empire and carry out their orders like good little puppets that they are.

Julian Cho and Hyun Lee at Space4Peace
THAAD Will Not Protect South Korea

Soseong-ri, their small village in South Korea, has become the center of a fight that could lay the groundwork for future U.S.-Korean relations under Seoul’s new government.  Last  March  5,000  people  from  across  South  Korea  gathered  in  the  village  to  protest  the  controversial  deployment of the U.S.’s Terminal High Altitude  Area  Defense  (THAAD)  anti-missile system. In  July  2016,  the  U.S.  and  South  Ko-
rean  governments  announced  plans  to  deploy  the  THAAD  system  in  Seongju  County,  North  Gyeongsang  Province.  But due to staunch opposition from local  residents,  the  location  was  revised  to  a  nearby  golf  course  owned  by  the  South Korean corporation Lotte, nestled between Soseong-ri in Seongju County and the city of Gimcheon.

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