Thursday, December 17, 2015

Closing of visa loopholes is definitely not for the cavemen nation ... No Siree !!

Saudi Arabia  can send as many wahhabi suicide bombers as their satanic heart desires and so also can the other wahhabi nations from that shithole region.
As I keep saying ... our world has gone mad, mad, mad, mad and all because of the USA's double standards.

From ConsortiumNews
Closing the Wrong Visa Loopholes  

After the San Bernardino terror attack, Congress rushed to address security gaps in visa-free travel but addressed the wrong ones, leaving out visitors from “allied” countries such Saudi Arabia which have actually produced terrorists who attacked the U.S., note Georgianne Nienaber and Coleen Rowley.

By Georgianne Nienaber and Coleen Rowley

Only a few crickets chirped after our 2014 warning of gaps in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Our second post, however, came out at the same time the President and Congress had suddenly clicked into gear to tighten the program, obviously in reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

Very likely their new-found concern is also due to officials having discovered the worrisome answer to our all-important question asking how many of the dozens of citizens from waiver participating countries — who now, in hindsight, have been identified as participants in recent terrorist incidents — were NOT ever listed on the key “terrorist watch lists.” Thus making them eligible to easily enter the U.S.

It’s been revealed that at least one of the Paris attackers would not have been flagged if he had sought to enter the U.S. through the VWP. Nor was San Bernardino shooter Malik who entered the U.S. on a “fiancĂ© visa” reportedly on any of key databases. How many more are like that? We’ll only know if investigative reporters pry such embarrassing facts out of Homeland Security officials.  It’s good the President and Congress finally started worrying about visa travel but unfortunately Congress is still in denial about the real problems. We could not find any discussion of the deeper, root problem with the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) watch list, that even though it lists over 1.1 million persons, it is still somewhat under-inclusive (as well as very over-inclusive, with wrong names and other “hay” piled onto the stack).

Intelligence analysts cannot be faulted given the difficulty, if not .........

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