Saturday, April 4, 2015

Conference at Hofstra University exposes USA's apologists for USA's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

The conference had both pro-Bush and anti-Bush speakers.

Ever wondered how so many Afghans and Iraqis and now lately Syrians, Iraqis (again) and plenty more Afghans are arriving into North America with truckloads of money and buying the kind of houses and living the kind of lifestyle that you can only dream of even after a lifetime of hard work in the West?  War makes millionaires of those who know how to make money without qualms.  How much money from the USA and allies goes into bribing natives in those countries to orchestrate the events there for the benefit of naive citizens back home in the West ?  That's the money the new refugees and immigrants are coming here with, your tax money.  Continue loving your warmongering government, keep voting the warmonger politicians to power while they keep screwing you and you willing let them. 

If you really want to know about how the USA and coalition created "Taliban" .. you know that super evil group that had to be disintegrated with utmost haste before they flew over our Western lands with their alien-given super jets with super weapons ... then listen to  Anand Gopal author of "No Good Men Among The Living"  from the  51 min  mark.
The first speaker is Thomas J. Basile, Sr Press Adv, US Dept of Defense, 2003-4 speaking in favor of the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq which he considers to be a success.  One gotta pity such idiots instead of belittling them.   The second speaker is another apologist for the shameful Bush legacy, R.James Nicholson, US Sec of Veteran Affairs, 2005-09 and his speech starts at approx. 28 min. mark.  At the 40 min mark  comes someone who was working for  Powell  and from him you can glimpse a bit of the truth of that time.... but to really get at what was actually and truly happening on the Afghanistan war front, go to the  51 min mark.


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