Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BUYcott Israel Alert: Shop AHAVA at The Bay, Canada

If you don't like to see bullies, bullying,  then get going.... do some shopping.

We cannot let such tactics from the anti-Semites and the far-Left in Canada try their vile tactics in our lovely land of Canada.  It might be acceptable with the dhimmis  in the UK and France and the rest of the EU.... not here.... not in Canada.  We are not dhimmified here and never will be.

So get going folks.  Whatever your gender,  you will be able to buy something in  the AHAVA
line either to pamper yourself  or to pamper your loved ones.

  BuyCott Israel project   The Bay department stores across Canada have been targeted by boycotters for carrying AHAVA Beauty Products from Israel. The store is under enormous pressure to drop the line.

It is URGENT that you visit your local Bay and purchase AHAVA products within the next 48 hours. Be sure to thank the store for carrying AHAVA.

As well, please write to The Bay executives, urging them to continue stocking AHAVA products:

Richard Baker, Chairman,
Bonnie Brooks, President and CEO
Shelley Rozenwald, Director of Beauty Products    at the emails as listed below:,,

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