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Stuff I have posted at Gettr and Gab this month to date ... August 17, 2022

Anything I find interesting, I post..  Not having a voice at Twitter does not mean other avenues are closed too.

"...Only a person who is willfully blind cannot see that the US position on the Brittney Griner case is driven not by some compassionate concern for her welfare but rather by the extreme anti-Russia animus that has afflicted US officials for more than 75 years. 

Yesterday, a Russian judge sentenced Griner to 9 years in jail. This was after she pled guilty to illegally bringing a small amount of cannabis into the country, in violation of Russia’s drug laws. She faced a maximum sentence of 10 years. 

US officials are up in arms over the case. The US State Department has classified Griner as “wrongfully detained.”

Wrongfully detained? Doesn’t the State Department know that she pled guilty to the offense? Is the State Department claiming that her plea was coerced? If so, then why not just come out and say that, notwithstanding the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever of a coerced plea?



 "...Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren for 'picking and choosing which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda,' and has appointed Susan Lopez as his replacement during the suspension......



".... Little suggested that a senior official in the prime minister’s Cabinet or possibly the prime minister himself had ordered COVID Recovery to impose the travel mandate. (During cross-examination, Little told Presvelos repeatedly that “discussions” about the mandate had taken place at “senior” and “very senior” levels.) But she refused to say who had given her team the order to impose the travel mandate. “I’m not at liberty to disclose anything that is subject to cabinet confidence,” she said. ......



 ".... Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will undoubtedly plunge relations between Beijing and Washington to a new low. “The Taiwan question is the most important and most sensitive issue at the very heart of China-US relations. The Taiwan Strait is facing a new round of tensions and severe challenges, and the fundamental cause is the repeated moves by the Taiwan authorities and the United States to change the status quo,” an official statement by China’s Foreign Ministry says....




What little USA (Israel) does, big brother will follow. Whether it makes sense or not, nobody cares. As long as we the little people are brought under control. We are being marched into a slave-dom architecture for the benefit of the rich and powerful and hardly any of us are fighting against it, leave alone aware of it.



Alan MacLeod: "...In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an information war as bitter as the ground fighting has erupted, and Meta (Facebook’s official name) announced it had partnered with nine organizations to help it sort fact from fiction for Ukrainian, Russian and other Eastern European users. These nine organizations are: StopFake, VoxCheck, Fact Check Georgia, Demagog, Myth Detector, Lead Stories, Patikrinta 15min, Re:Baltica and Delfi....


 "...Earlier this week, Jinshiro Motoyama placed a banner outside the office of Japan’s prime minister, sat on a folding chair, and stopped eating. It was a dramatic gesture, but the 30-year-old activist believes desperate measures are needed to end the long US military presence in his birthplace, Okinawa. Located roughly 1,000 miles south of Tokyo in the East China Sea, Okinawa is a speck in the ocean that comprises 0.6% of Japan’s total land area but hosts about 70% of the US’s military bases in Japan and more than half of its 47,000 troops.....




 I was researching more on the Franklin Scandal and the first thing Google gives me is a #Politifact article which uses NY Times and Reuters reports to make us think that the entire Franklin thing was a hoax and the courts' ruling indicted a couple of the supposed victims. However, ๐Ÿ‘‡ is a very interesting interview with Nick Bryant the author of the book and how the Franklin story about abuse, trafficking of kids and blackmail, was just like Epstein, which makes me wonder how many more Kings, Spences and Epsteins are out there still waiting to be discovered... if ever.



Concept of how mass formation hypnosis in humans can be compared to the mumuration of starlings


Dr Robert Malone  posts at Gettr and below a link to the article he posted.  It's very interesting, more so if you have read Prof Desmet's latest book.  That book explains the madness we have been seeing in our fellow human beings in the era of covid.  Interesting read.


"....Desmet relates of his encounters with the “experts” in the context of Covid (see PT, pp. 129-130). But the fact is, when they are all in the pull of the same attractors, they will “all succumb to the same logical fallacies and the same absurd behavior” because they are all following the same pseudo-logic.

Those plans and visions for the future are not so much “forced” on the population. In many ways, the leaders of the masses … give the people what they want. … The “plans” do not precede the developments, as a conspiracy logic likes to suggest. They rather follow them. … [The leaders] sense what people crave and they adjust their plans in that direction, in an opportunistic way. They wallow in the narcissism of one who controls and directs the chain of events, but they are more like a child sitting on the bow of a ship and turning a toy steering wheel every time the tanker changes direction. … Ironically, conspiracy thinking confirms the leaders’ narcissism by taking them seriously and believing that they are truly steering the ship, or causing the waves to recede. (PT, p. 134)

Examples: the large degree to which Covid policy was determined by mid-level bureaucrats slavishly following public opinion polls (e.g. in Canada), and the fact that it was the students who first demanded woke totalitarianism on campus, not administrations.

But again, that’s not to say that conspiracies don’t exist, even within this process:

At certain points, however, the aforementioned practices may turn into something that does have the structure of a conspiracy. … no sane person can deny that this [centralization of] power is pursued in a relentless way, with a radical lack of ethnical and moral awareness. … In their endeavors to impose their ideals on society, institutions and people do indeed cross ethical boundaries, and when this goes far enough, their strategies may indeed devolve into a full-fledged conspiracy: a secret, intentional, planned, and malicious project. It is also well known that, as the process of totalitarianization continues, the totalitarian regime is increasingly organized as a full-fledged “secret society.” (PT, pp. 135-136).................

Few are starting to question the efficacy and the possible adverse effects of the injections


Very few of  America's elected lawmakers are aware that the injections are not effective and that the CDC has admitted to that fact. The same goes for the Canadian politicians as well. We the People have elected total idiots to power.   Men like Rep Thomas Massie in the US and PPC's Maxime Bernier in Canada are among the few. 

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Interesting reads from the last few days

I am not very active on the "internet of things" these days as I have taken up a huge load of DIY projects that I have been keeping on hold for ages and am also looking at the pile of books I am determined to read before year's end.  However, I have not totally discontinued visiting the usual alternative media sites from which I gleam the kind of  news and views not provided by the MSM.  As for Twitter, I signed out after the lockout and feel proud of the fact that I haven't gone to that platform the last 2 weeks.  We can all get over any addiction if we really want to.  YAY !!


Below some news and opinions from the alternative media I found interesting:

“If you would know who controls you,” Tacitus, the Roman historian and politician once advised, “see who you may not criticize.” For a long time that unspeakable persona was none other than the billionaire financier George Soros, and despite the fact that his political protรฉgรฉs have gone on to radically alter the political landscape of the country. Now, as cracks are beginning to appear in the foundation of his vast franchise, dissenting voices are becoming more commonplace.

Last week, for example, in a move torn from the playbook of the Democratic Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent state police to physically remove Soros-supported State Attorney Andrew Warren from his office, “with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney…”

The Florida Governor explained his strong-armed tactics as a way of punishing Warren for “neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state.” DeSantis was speaking in reference to Warren’s stated refusal to uphold a state abortion ban in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, as well as laws forbidding child sex-change surgeries.


"...The analysis, which is a conservative estimate based upon recent audit rates and tax filing data, shows that individuals with an annual income of $75,000 or less would be subject to 710,863 additional IRS audits, while those making more than $1 million would receive 52,295 more audits under the bill. Overall, the IRS would conduct more than 1.2 million more annual audits of Americans’ tax returns, according to the analysis. Another 236,685 of the estimated additional audits would target individuals with an annual income between $75,000 and $200,000. Democrats insist Americans making less than $400,000 will not be targeted by agents hired due to....


Sanofi, GSK and several generic drugmakers have been accused in several lawsuits for failing to adequately warn users that the over-the-counter drug had health risks. 

On Thursday, Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Papadakis warned that an upcoming Illinois case on August 22, and some key court trials in early 2023, will likely negatively affect shares in both GSK and Sanofi.

Zantac was yanked from store shelves in 2019 after the US FDA said that when the drug is exposed to heat for as little as five days, it appears to produce unacceptably high levels of a chemical that can cause cancer.



The evil ones are full speed ahead going after our children.  The Drag Queens depravity, IMO, started with that TV Rupaul drag show (without even researching who funded that show, I am willing to bet they are the very same high and mighty ones of Hollywood).  The sex education for toddlers as young as 3 yrs old is happening more in the US, UK and Canada. Maybe it's happening in NZ and Australia too and that would mean the 5eyes nations are truly hurling themselves into an abyss of no return. This degeneration of family values is definitely not happening in Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Also, see segment on a very angry US father's telephone confrontation with a pharmacist after his child develops injection-induced myocarditis.




 Ron Paul: "..Pelosi’s trip was no outlier. Such counterproductive posturing is much celebrated by both parties in Washington. Neoconservative Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham were thrilled with Pelosi’s stop in Taipei and used it as a springboard to push for new legislation that would essentially declare war on #China by declaring #Taiwan a “major non-NATO ally.” The “one China” policy that, while perhaps not perfect, has kept the peace for more than 40 years is to be scrapped and replaced with one sure to provoke a war. Who benefits? Foolishly taking the US to the brink of war with #Russia over Ukraine is evidently not enough..




 "...Sometime in the future a learned academic will be writing a weighty tome with the title The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire. Perhaps the Contents Page will include, among others, twelve chapters with titles something like this: World War One. World War Two. Korea. Vietnam. Palestine. Iran. Nicaragua. Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria. Ukraine. Taiwan. Indeed, Karin Kneissel, the former Austrian Foreign Minister, is at present writing a book with the working title A Requiem for Europe. In an interview with Asia Times on 31 July she declared that ‘European countries are growing ever weaker on the international stage and their places are being taken by .......



Like I have said before, any day now he's gonna make the big announcement that he's gay. You don't think so? Wait and see.



James Corbett Interview – The Budding Biosecurity State & Its Technocratic Culmination 

Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss the growing biosecurity state, how we got here, and what this inevitably leads to. As we review current events and discuss the varying perspectives surrounding this unprecedented time, we also highlight the many ways in which people are fighting back.




Sooo, you thought sending your kids to Catholic schools would keep them safe from the LGBTABCetc community, did you??? I won't be surprised if the Pope himself comes out of the closet and declares with PRIDE " I am gay". Prepare for it.



Thursday, August 11, 2022

"One Nation Under Blackmail" by Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb's book "One Nation Under Blackmail" has been released. I believe it's released in two volumes and runs 900+ pages. I read an excerpt from the book which she has published at her Unlimited Hangout website and if that titbit is the kind of stuff she exposes in the book, it's a safe bet that her book will be a runaway bestseller. 

Leslie Wexner’s Young Global Leaders In this excerpt from her upcoming book, Whitney examines the Wexner Foundation’s origins and the ties of Leslie Wexner’s philanthropy and Jeffrey Epstein to Harvard as well as the now infamous Young Global Leaders program of the World Economic Forum. ..............


 America's salvation is to divorce itself from Israel, that my firm opinion.



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Locked out of Twitter after 13 years of tweeting for spreading "disinformation" in tweet about women's menstrual cycles

Twitter locked me out and unless I delete the "disinformation" tweet about the injections playing havoc with millions of women's menstrual cycles. I will not be able to do all the usual stuff I did at that fucking platform. I am NOT deleting the tweet. Sooo, it's goodbye to Twitter from me. Let them be happy with their bots, which if not for Elon Musk telling us about the millions of bots among real breathing twitterers like myself, we would have had no inkling whatsoever.
Truth be told, Twitter WAS my favorite platform, although of late I had serious thoughts of weaning myself off just like I had done with Facebook more than a decade ago. Well, my hand was forced with the lockout, so all's good. I had registered with Gettr in January but had not been very active there, but now I will be posting my stuff over there. That platform is a bit too MAGA for my liking, but that's expected as the founder or CEO is an ex Trump advisor, or so I believe. Also, the platform is loaded with anti-China govt Chinese posters and they came like a swarm of bees as soon as I started posting to follow me. I had to make a post telling them I won't follow back any anti-CCP Chinese posters as I have nothing against the CCP. ..................................................................................................................................................................... Here's my new dwelling for posting stuff I find interesting: .................................................................................................................................................................... Below the tweet that got me shadow-banned as soon as I posted it, even though I pinned it to my profile, only 22 people got to see it and that's probably because those people actually accessed my profile. Below is the tweet that I sent to the aholes and minutes after that I was locked out. Things won't change at Twitter even if Musk takes over. He's not one of us, we the little nobodies of this world. You don't get to be a billionaire and yet remain a good, decent human being. Tesla's biggest client is the US government. You think he will do anything to topple the USA's narrative on covid or Ukraine, or Russia, or China or anything?

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