Saturday, February 2, 2013

How gullible, naive, stupid, ditzy Western women meet their end at Muslim hands

I wish I could dredge up an iota of sympathy for the dead woman, but I am totally unable to condone the stupidity of women who think that Muslim men are like any other non-Muslim men.

It's hard to believe that Turkey has gone downhill as fast as it has.  Imagine how much more islamized the EU will become if and when those pushing for Turkey's acceptance into the EU  get their way.

Turkey's state-run news agency  is reporting that a Staten Island woman who went missing while on vacation in the country has been found dead in Istanbul and police have detained nine people in connection with the case.
Sarai Sierra, a 33-year-old mother of two, went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul. She was last heard from on Jan. 21, the day she was due back home.
The Anadolu Agency says residents discovered the body of a woman near some ancient city walls in a low-income district and that police later identified it as Sierra's.
Police in Istanbul wouldn't immediately confirm the report.
In its report, the private NTV news channel said Sierra was stabbed to death. It said police identified her through her driver license.
Sierra's family said she had been in Turkey since Jan. 7. She had planned to head to the Galata Bridge, a well-known tourist destination that spans the Golden Horn waterway, to take some photographs, said her mother, Betzaida Jimenez. Sierra was then supposed to begin traveling home.
Sierra's father went to pick her up at the airport and "waited there for hours" with no sign of his daughter, Jimenez said.
Sierra was supposed to go on the trip with a friend but ended up going by herself when the friend couldn't make it. She was looking forward to exploring her hobby of photography, her family said. It was her first trip outside the U.S.....

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