Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Will someone please baptize Central African Republic (CAR) and give it a proper name?

Muslims are creating trouble even in the land hardly anybody outside of Africa knows about and worse still ... cares about.  It's a country that's landlocked in between other African countries and I guess because it's right in the centre of Africa its named with the name it has. What a stupid idea !

Can't the people in this country think of a better name for their land than "Central African Republic"?  The  country's ruling party is Christian but the party is  either very weak or as is the case with the majority of  Christians,  they remain totally complacent in spite of  open threats and show in fact go out of their way to show pride in  how well they get on with their Muslim neighbours.  Therein lies the whole messy business of deceit and double cross .... Christians are stupid enough to think they are getting on fine with muzzies ... but the muzzies are just bidding their time.  They are better anglers and have longer lines and more enticing looking bait to hook you in.

Christians make up almost 80% of the population of CAR.  However, like we keep seeing wherever the aggressive followers of Islam take up residence, whether they be 5% of the population or more ... you can always wager successfully that that segment of the population is bound to  create mayhem and discord at every opportunity and at every insult whether real or imagined.  Examples are in plenty all over the world...and yet we remain blissfully and wilfully ignorant.

From AlJazeera:
... Members of a group calling themselves  the ''Centrafrican Young Patriots'' block a road to prevent rebels from entering Bangui on January 1. The death of a young Muslim man arrested for alleged links to rebels in the Central African Republic sparked clashes on New Year's Day in Bangui that killed a policeman, a police source said....

From DoctorsWithoutBorders:
.... Fighting and violence continued over the past week in several areas in the north and center of Central African Republic. Increased military movements and clashes between rebels and the army have forced the civilian population to leave their homes, preventing them from accessing the basic services they need—medical aid, in particular. This situation could have fatal consequences for people already struggling to find care after a decade of chronic armed violence had severely limited the country’s health system.....

From Reuters:
...Rebels in Central African Republic    said they had halted their advance on the capital on Wednesday and agreed to start peace talks, averting a clash with regionally backed troops in the mineral-rich nation.

The Seleka rebels had pushed within striking distance of Bangui after a three-week onslaught and threatened to oust President Francois Bozize, accusing him of reneging on a previous peace deal and cracking down on dissidents

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