Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Privacy" the word doomed for erasure from the lexicon

Our brave new world engrossing into private lives...or how powerful companies will be able to monitor us and hold entire governments to ransom.  It will happen .... and Google will be at the forefront of the blackmail.  They have already started by pulling down blogs they don't like and even if at the present time those bloggers have an avenue they can take and host their sites elsewhere ... what if Google decides to buy all those companies in one fell swoop and silence them from those avenues too?  Google is getting to be too powerful and that is why I am with China for  giving Google  only limited access to that country.  Good thinking.

Martin Hickman writing at TheIndependentUK
.....Look more closely though, and you will see Brin may be learning even more. His glasses are no ordinary over-sized ski goggles but a prototype of the latest gadget that could allow mobile data-downloading with voice commands: Google Glasses.

Not to be confused with Google Goggles, an app for its Android operating system, Google Glasses have been developed in secret by technologists at the Californian search giant.

Capable of giving an “augmented reality” to viewers – or telling them lots of stuff about who and what they are seeing, they could transform our computer habits beyond even the astonishing advances of recent years.

Thy first received an outing last year when 39-year-old Brin, who is in charge of developing Google X projects – wore them at an event for the blind in San Francisco, in April.

A few more glimpses of them were seen last summer, setting tongues wagging in tech circles, where there was intense excitement about their potential for increasing interaction with the web on the go.......

....A small screen sits on the right-size of the right lens, along with a camera, microphone and speakers, meaning, potentially, that the user could point the camera at, say, subway passengers and use facial recognition software to inform them of their name, occupation and everything else, such as the time they wore an embarrassing outfit on a train....

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