Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Muslims in Mali mean more to our Prime Minister than poor Christian Canadians like me

Here I am trying to live on a few dollars a day ... and I am very sure there are millions more like moi in this country who are counting our pennies and depriving ourselves of many necessities that others take for granted because we have been forced out of employment due to the current economic situation,  but who cares, right?  ... definitely not  our  Prime Minister who has now decided to send millions of dollars to yet another Muslim country ... MALI.

How wonderful !  How appropriate!  How praiseworthy!  Poverty-ridden Canadians living  in Canada are ignored while money from Canada is funneled to Muslim countries.

Aren't you proud as hell of Prime Minister Stephen Harper?  Long may he and his fucking Conservative party reign over this land.  Long may he and his blasted Conservatives go about saving Muslim lives in Afghanistan, Mali, Libya and everywhere else. 

Fuck the poor, unemployed Christians in Canada.  They are so unworthy, so not there !

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