Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meet the new-and-improved Al Qaeda in Syria .... Jabhat al-Nusra

This is just the start.  They are the new and upcoming stars of blood and mayhem.  This group is also believed to be the one that bombed the Aleppo university where more than 87 students met their end.  People in the USA are actually holding fundraising events for this new scum.  Americans are sponsoring and probably even adopting  those poor, lost, sweet, murdering allahu akbar terrorists.  Many in Syrian  (see vid 2 ... have already done so.)  This murdering group got their arsenal when they attacked and took over one of  Assad's arms depot (see vid 3).

Our leaders are leading us into hell and we are following them into this Muslim madness with docility and utmost stupidity.   I wish I was much older than I am so I could just die away and not have to live to see more madness taking hold of even more and more of the Earth's population.  The future is bleak .... very, very, bleak.

Martin Chulov writing at the GuardianUK:
A schism is developing in northern Syria  Syria between jihadists and Free Syrian Army units, which threatens to pitch both groups against each other and open a new phase in the Syrian civil war.

The young rebel stepped out from his battered sedan looking warily at the throng of passersby as he picked his way through festering rubbish bags piled in front of a school.
He pushed against a wrought iron gate and disappeared into the expanse of the empty schoolyard, invisible in the coal-dark of another power-less night in Aleppo.
"I have a problem with al-Qaida," he said from the gloom. "Come with me, alone, and I'll tell you."

He gripped his short black beard anxiously and began to speak. "I am an engineer," he said. "I trained abroad and I came back for this revolution. My skill is in making machinery parts and now al-Qaida want me to make their weapons. They run everything here. They are very powerful."

The group he called al-Qaida is known locally as Jabhat al-Nusra. Before the siege of Aleppo started mid-July, the group was unknown in the city and had been only a fleeting presence in the rebellious countryside.

Now though, almost six months later, inspired by the Bin Laden world view of a global jihad to enforce a fundamental Islamic society, al-Nusra is very much competing for influence in the Syria that will take shape if and when the embattled regime falls.
Through a growing role on the battlefield and a rising reputation as an organisation that can get things done, al-Nusra has become a player in the power vacuum that has emerged from the civil war. It is also increasingly known as an enforcer, whose unbending demands are unsettling regular rebel units as well as the societies the group claims to protect.....

....Over the past two months al-Nusra has felt emboldened enough to step from the shadows. It has opened shopfronts in most towns and villages, from Aleppo to the Turkish border, and has even set up a headquarters in plain sight in the centre of the city, alongside the base of a regular Free Syrian Army unit, Liwa al-Tawhid.

A simple black Islamic banner, the same one adopted by al-Qaida in Iraq, from where many of al-Nusra's members hail, hangs at each of the outposts.
In these hubs al-Nusra cadres receive residents who come to them to resolve disputes and seek aid. Men with notebooks sit inside chronicling complaints and sometimes giving out vouchers for food or fuel.....

....A week of interviews with rebel groups in north Syria has revealed a schism developing between the jihadists and residents, which some rebel leaders predict will eventually spark a confrontation between the jihadists and the conservative communities that agreed to host them.
Some already talk of an Iraq-style "awakening" – a time in late-2006 as when communities in the Sunni heartland cities of Fallujah and Ramadi turned on al-Qaida ...............

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