Sunday, January 20, 2013

Canada evacuates embassy staff in Mali ....

and urges all Canadians currently in Mali to get out of the country.  Westerners in the capital Bamako, which is in the south of Mali and far away from the conflict, might  think that the islamists can't reach them in that far away modern city .... and therein lie the  folly of liberal thinking. They never learn even when the truth is pushed into their faces and expect even savages like the islamist terrorists to behave like human beings.   **sigh**

The Canadian Press via CTVNews:
 OTTAWA - The federal government has evacuated most of its staff and their families from the embassy in Mali, and is urging any Canadians still in the country to get out now.
The Department of Foreign Affairs says all non-essential staff and all 29 dependents of the workers and diplomats there have been relocated from the mission in the capital of Bamako.
The situation in Mali has been volatile for nearly a year, with Islamist radicals taking over northern parts of the country following a coup.

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