Monday, December 5, 2011

Things you might have missed

Egypt then and now ... and what might come "sooner than later" is beyond imagination. Great stuff from Nonie Darwish.

Human trafficking rampant in China.

Failed nation of Pakistan: Pakistan Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Friday gave his troops "full liberty" to respond to any further cross-border attacks by Nato forces in Afghanistan in the wake of an air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, official sources said.....

Racist loon David Duke, must be pretty upset these days. His favorite country Iran, is on the skids and Germany has labeled him an "undesirable foreigner."

What does it all mean? I am glad I am not in Libya, Syria or Iran. Getting on the wrong side of the mighty USA and NATO can mean that your life is worth less than a handful of peanuts. The games and complex plots played by our overlords are far too mindboggling and deviously satanic for simple folks like moi.

Racism... no two ways about it. This Baptist church should be shut down or burnt to the ground.

Craziness of the Santeria religion. Birdseed and magic.   Almost as mad as the muzzies.

Terrorism planned on German soil. Germany said it had launched a probe into reports Tehran was planning to attack U.S. targets in Germany.

Rabid muzzies arrested at London protests.   Bit too late, in my opinion. England is gone, only the burial services are pending.

Russia: Tells North Korea to halt nuclear activities.

h/t: MF/Irene/M/SF

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