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Moslem Crime Wave in Canada .... Part V

Thanks to the Liberal party ruling over us for umpteen years, a Liberal party that was bowing lower than Obama bowed to the Saudi slave-master, we are now in the dire situation we find ourselves in.  However, the present Minister of Immigration, the supposedly "Conservative" Jason Kenney has not learnt much from the follies of the Liberal immigration policies, because the man wants to prove he is  one up in some  kind of a macabre contest with the vanquished Liberals ... a contest that only he and his boss seem to have a sense about.... that he can do better than the Libs in the numbers game by importing yet more planeloads of moslems.

Send Jason Kenney a big "Thank You" note for raising the possibility of Sharia Laws for you, your children and your descendants. Hurrah  for Jason Kenney....  and his boss, the Prime Minister of Canada, "Conservatives" in name only.

Just imagine folks .... for a community that is supposedly less than 3% of Canada's population, the aggressiveness, mayhem and murder from this segment of the population far exceeds beyond comparison with any other segment of the immigrant population. Something to chew on, right ?

Anyhow ..... I am off on my vacation where I won't see or hear of islam or islamists for the next couple of weeks.  Whew !!!

32) CityNews has learned that six men have been arrested in connection with the January murder of Mississauga teen Shadi Taleb.

On Wednesday, police charged four Toronto men with second-degree murder and two Mississauga men with conspiracy to commit robbery and obstructing police. The murder suspects – Shawn Cargioli, 20, Walid Omar, 18, Kendall Kamal, 19, and Famien Stephan Morrison, 23 – appeared in a Brampton court on Thursday. They'll be back before a judge on June 10th.

33) A Moroccan man accused of having ties to terrorism and links to terror kingpin Abdellah Ouzghar lost a bid to stop his deportation from Canada.

Rachid Fathi, of Toronto and Montreal, was living in Canada illegally when he met his wife, who tried to sponsor him but he failed a background check required of all potential immigrants.

Fathi was deemed a member of an Islamic terrorist organization and the sponsorship was nixed by federal immigration officials, who claimed he had misrepresented facts about his contacts in Canada.

Fathi filed an appeal to the Federal Court of Canada that was dismissed in May at a hearing in Toronto.
His Toronto lawyer Naseem Mithoowani refused to comment on the case.

Court heard Fathi came to Canada in 1992 on a visitor’s visa to compete in a Montreal martial arts competition but never left.

34) Pakistani-Canadian businessman Tahawwur Husain Rana, charged with facilitating the November 2008 attack in Mumbai, has been convicted of providing material support to the proscribed Lashkar-e-Taiba, as well as conspiring to stage a terrorist strike against Copenhagen.

Rana was, however, acquitted of charges that he played a direct role in the Mumbai attack. The 50-year-old Chicago resident now faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail, the United States Department of Justice said in a press release.

Prosecutors had charged Rana with three terror-related crimes: participating in a conspiracy to provide material support to terror in India; conspiring to provide material support to terrorism in Denmark; and providing material support to the Lashkar.

35) Somali government forces says they have killed a Canadian member of the al-Shabab terrorist group.

Photos posted to state-run radio’s website Thursday showed a young man who had been shot through the chest by soldiers after his SUV had allegedly tried to run a roadblock.

Ottawa officials are looking into the case. “At this time, we are unable to confirm media reports of a Canadian national having been killed in the Jubba region while involved in insurgent activities,” said Claude Rochon, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs

36) A jury found an Edmonton man guilty Monday of killing and dismembering his wife.

Tesfai Negasi, 54, was on trial for second-degree murder in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench for the death of his wife Selamawit, 46, on July 5, 2009. Negasi was also convicted of offering an indignity to a dead body.

37) Calgary police have helped nab a fugitive on a most-wanted list in the U.S.

In early February, Southern Alberta Integrated Fugitive Apprehension (IFA) received a tip from the public that a man wanted for attempted first-degree murder south of the border may be living in southern Alberta.

Ahmed Abdulqadir Abdi, 29, was charged with shooting a man in the face in Minneapolis, Minn., Const. Joe Hebert said.  Police began investigating to see if Abdi -- a Somalian who has used several aliases -- was actually in Alberta, Hebert said.  Through fingerprints, authorities confirmed Abdi, who is known to police, was living in Calgary under the name Ali Abdi Omar, Hebert said.....

38) Canada has asked Pakistani authorities to help find and arrest two former University of Manitoba students wanted on terrorism charges, RCMP confirmed Tuesday.

Ferid Ahmed Imam, 30, and Maiwand Yar, 27, both Canadian citizens, were charged in absentia by RCMP on a host of terrorism-related charges. Police allege the pair allegedly travelled to Pakistan in 2007 with plans to join the insurgency against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan received a request from Canada to locate Yar and Imam, who is also considered a fugitive by U.S. law enforcement on charges for allegedly training three men to blow up subway cars in New York City.....

39) Police have made a second arrest in a Feb. 11 murder at a Scarborough apartment building.

Lorenzo Martinez, 23, was found with a gunshot wound in the lobby of 70 Stevenvale Dr. near Markham Road and Lawrence Avenue. He died en route to Sunnybrook hospital.

On Feb. 15, police released the names and photos of two suspects.
Aasif Patel, 19, was charged with first-degree murder a few days later.
On Tuesday, 19-year-old Wariskhan Pathan turned himself in to police and was also charged with first-degree murder.....

40) The voice of youth rang clearest at a meeting held last week for a Dixon Road community still reeling in anger, frustration and fear at the yet-to-be-solved murder of a 24-year-old Somali youth last month.

Abdikadir Khan was gunned down in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 20 at 320 Dixon Rd. He lay in the apartment complex's stairwell for hours until he was finally discovered later that afternoon, when he was pronounced dead on the scene. No arrests have yet been made in his murder.

Sgt. Brian James of 23 Division's Community Response Unit assured those in attendance at last Thursday's meeting at Kingsview Village Junior Middle School that Khan's murder appeared to be targeted, not random. He also said police plan to increase their presence in the community this summer.

However, many in the largely Somali community still live in fear for their own lives and those of their children.

Mohamed Firin, 27, lives on the second floor of 320 Dixon Rd. Khan was shot and killed just two flights up from him on the fourth floor. While he admits he's seen firsthand violence in the neighbourhood before - Firin himself has been both shot and stabbed - this latest killing of yet another "brother" from his community hit especially close to home.

"That could have been me, it could have been any one of us young guys," he told a crowd of about 70 community members, including police, mothers, community workers and local youth. "As far as things being done for us in this community, they don't exist. There's nothing being done for us, so we ourselves need to step it up.".........

41) On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, police responded to a call for a stabbing at 2821 Birchmount Road. It is alleged that:− the accused stabbed the victim, a 40−year−old man, in the neck.The victim was taken to hospital with serious but non−life−threatening injuries.
Ahmaddin Nasry, 35, of Toronto, has been charged with:
1) Attempted Murder, 2) Aggravated Assault,  3) Assault with a Weapon.

42)  An Ontario judge has approved an extradition order for a former Ottawa university lecturer accused of being behind a deadly bombing outside a Paris synagogue in 1980, paving the way for him to face murder charges in France.

Hassan Diab, a Lebanese-born Canadian who taught sociology at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, was arrested in Gatineau, Que., in November 2008 at the request of French authorities.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger signed the committal order on Monday morning in an Ottawa courtroom, giving Justice Minister Rob Nicholson the final decision on whether to transfer Diab to French authorities..........

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